Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Daily Inside Gaming Newsletter - 3DS, 360 Updates, Epic Hints at New IP

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Xbox 360, 3DS Updated
That was a painful evening but it's behind us now…   Continue >>
New Epic IP is a "Departure"
Unreal Engine 3-powered PINBALL…   Continue >>
The Darkness II Hands On
Co-op and katana swords…   Continue >>
Gamestop Lists AC:R Map Packs
Better stock up on heart medication now…   Continue >>
All Your History: Crytek Part 2 - Crytical Stage
Incrydible!   Continue >>
On Yesterday's IGDaily:
Pick up a guitar, join a BANNED...   Watch Now >>
Your Daily YouSaid Question:
Tomi Hepola (@Daxterat):
who is ultimately the boss of ? The one who doesn't have any bosses?
Lawrence "The Undisclosed Desire in your Heart" Sonntag (@InsideGaming):
One Allen DeBevoise, Chairman and CEO of Machinima. He sits atop is onyx throne every day, casting his burning gaze down upon us. We work because Allen can not only fire us, but snip the fragile thread that binds our physical existence to this reality, sending us screaming and clawing into an etherial, shapeless, formless void.
And before you go, here is the best picture ever:
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