Thursday, December 22, 2011

Daily Inside Gaming Newsletter - PS Vita Impressions, 3DS to Break 4 Million

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PS Vita Re-Swaggerfies PlayStation Portable
Hands on time equals mad impressions…   Continue >>
3DS to Break 4 Million Units in 2011
Still taking a hit though…   Continue >>
Gamefly and Rockstar Get in on The Deals Deal
Dear god someone think of the bank accounts…   Continue >>
MORE DRAGONS - Project Draco for Kinect
Year of the Dragon, extended to 2012…   Continue >>
IGQA Podcast Episode 12
Technically short but whatever…   Continue >>
On Yesterday's IGDaily:
The Legshend of Shhhelda...   Watch Now >>
Your Daily YouSaid Question:
No one (@NotaPerson):
Ok so here's the deal guys.
Lawrence "Dallas Mastar" Sonntag (@InsideGaming):
I'm on about one hour of sleep here and I need to wrap this newsletter before I start thinking it'd be a great idea to include a picture of my junk. NO YOUSAID TODAY.
And before you go, here is the best picture ever:

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