Monday, December 5, 2011

Top 100 Video Game Moments l 2011 Year in Review l New PS3 Exclusive

The year is starting to wrap up and we've got a look at why it was so damn important.
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December 05, 2011
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Casey Lynch, Editor-in-Chief, IGN
  Lists, lists, lists. You use them to shop, you use them to plan your day, and here at IGN, we use lists galore to track everything great and ghastly that happened in 2011. Tis the season for IGN’s wrap-up lists, so check out our Top 100 Video Game Moments today, and stay tuned for our Best of 2011 awards, which will begin next week!  - @lynchtacular
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Top Stories
Top Video Game MomentsThe Top 100 Video Game Moments
The countdown has begun! Check out our greatest memories from gaming past.
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Year in Review 2011: The Year in Review
IGN takes a look at the changes 2011 brought to gamers.
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Big Changes Coming Big Changes Coming to Xbox 360 This Week
A slick new UI, improved Kinect support, and TV are on the way.
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Master Chief Master Chief Will Change in Halo 4
343 says it plans to make "radical modifications" to Master Chief, and Cortana will be changing, too.

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PS3 Porn App PlayStation 3's Porn App
A new streaming service has built an adult experience around the PS3's web browser.
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Benoit Movie Chris Benoit Movie Announced
The tragic saga of the late pro wrestling star Chris Benoit will be turned into a feature film.
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The Last of Us Trailer
The Last of Us
A teaser trailer for the PS3 exclusive that will debut at the VGAs has been posted, and it looks like it's taking us to a very dark place. See More >
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Best and Worse Console CommercialsThe Best (and Worst) Console Commercials
  Battlefield 3IGN Readers: Battlefield 3 is the Shooter of the Year
Memory CardsSony Defends Proprietary Vita Memory Cards   Kinect Games: Real or FakeKinect Games: Real or Fake?
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