Thursday, December 15, 2011

Top 50 Gaming Stories of 2011 + Did You Suck at Gaming this Year?

The end of the year is nigh...
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December 15, 2011
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RPGS IN 2011
Casey Lynch, Editor-in-Chief, IGN
  Everyone has their game. Mine is Halo, and while I may not be ready for MLG, I can definitely hold my own. Then there are games like Trials HD, Devil May Cry and Super Meat Boy, which scold me for trying to play them.  What games do you destroy, and what games do you suck at? Let me know at @lynchtacular and check out our list of games that tell you you suck at them.
Casey Lynch    Editor-in-Chief, IGN   Follow
Top Stories
Top Gaming StoriesTop 50 Gaming Stories of 2011
2011 was a huge year for gaming. IGN profiles the year's 50 most notable events.
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Twisted Metal: Hello, Mr. Grimm Twisted Metal: Hello, Grimm
Car combat comes screeching to the PlayStation 3 with the Brothers Grimm. New trailer inside.
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You Sucked at Games How To Tell You Sucked At Video Games in 2011
Because even the best of us had our moments this year.

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Metal Gear Solid: Rising What Went Wrong With Metal Gear Solid: Rising?
Hideo Kojima opens up about Platinum Games resurrecting Raiden.
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Natalie Bee Chat Babeology: Natalie Bee
The E3 spokesmodel dishes on working the show, loving Street Fighter and traveling the globe.
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The Dictator Watch Borat's New Trailer
Sasha Baron Cohen is back in The Dictator! 
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Why Role-Playing Games Dominated 2011
No doubt about it. This was an amazing year for fans of swords and sorcery. Read More >
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