Tuesday, December 6, 2011

X-PLAY - Game of the Year 2011, Resistance 3 DLC, and Max Payne 3!

December 6, 2011
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X-Play's Game of the Year 2011 Nominees
Adam Sessler reveals the seven nominees for X-Play's Game of the Year 2011.
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It's easy to overlook intel gathering in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, but Kristin Adams has the cheats and tips you need to stay focused.
Morgan Webb takes a look at new DLC pack "Brutality" for Resistance 3, getting the scoop from Insomniac's Ted Price on what to expect, and talking with metal band Mastodon on the 7 pieces they contributed to the game's soundtrack.
Adam Sessler gets an early look at Max Payne 3, hearing from Rockstar Art Director Rob Nelson on left-trigger aim, cover mechanic and other gameplay updates, and improvements to Bullet Time.
Star Wars: The Old Republic Sith Inquisitor Guide: Oh, I'm Afraid This Class Guide Will Be Quite Operational
Skyrim Marriage Guide: Who To Marry And How To Plan The Perfect Wedding In The Elder Scrolls 5
Grand Theft Auto 3 Anniversary Release Date Revealed
Max Payne 3 Gameplay Video: An X-Play Preview
Infinity Blade 2 Guide: Combat, Exploration, Gems And More
Xbox 360 Dashboard Update 'Slightly Delayed,' For Unspecified Reasons
Trine 2 Arrives On PC Tomorrow, Consoles Later This Month
Major League Gaming Brought In 3.5 Million Viewers During Their 2011 Pro Circuit Season
Skyrim Gets Unofficial, Totally Awesome Kinect Controls On PC
Final Fantasy 14 Subscriptions Return On January 6
BioShock Infinite Image Appears To Tease Upcoming Trailer
December 06, 2011
Adam and Morgan get an exclusive early look at Gears of War 3 DLC "RAAM's Shadow" and give away a free Gears of War 3 branded Xbox that's been signed by the entire Epic Games team. They'll also review WWE '12, go on location with real-life Mario Karts at the LA Auto Show, and go behind the scenes with the artists at Zynga Games. X-Play starts tonight at 6:30PM ET!
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