Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Daily IG Newsletter - Discount for Digital Vita Games

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Vita Downloads Cheaper than Physical Copies
Suddenly, the handheld of the future…   Continue >>
Kazuo Hirai Officially Named Sony President
Tasked with reversing a four-year loss…   Continue >>
Skyrim Creation Kit Video is Awesome
Put all your goddamn little ponies here…   Continue >>
Rumor: Street Fighter x Tekken DLC Leaked
Characters, secrets, and GEMS…   Continue >>
Team Ninja Claims Wii U Spec Still Changing
And it probably will for a few months yet…   Continue >>
On Yesterday's IGDaily:
The Internet's mad about something?!  Watch Now >>
Your Daily YouSaid Question:
John McIntosh (@nwa210):
Why are you not posting podcasts to @Zune Marketplace? The last one is from Jan 4.
Lawrence "You Think You Could Afford a Fuckin' Bottle of Asprin" Sonntag (@InsideGaming):
We've stopped uploading episodes to all podcasts. It was taking a lot of time and we just weren't getting the views from it to warrant it. Sorry :( I used them too, so it sucks all around.
And before you go, here is the best picture ever:

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