Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Top 3 posts for you on Google+ this week

Hi Michael!
Here are the top 3 posts for you on Google+ this week.
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The difference between a boss and a leader

Being a 22 year old CEO of a nonprofit is tough work. Luckily, that hard work means I'm not the "boss" of anyone. Bosses are no fun. Leaders are. The best people to work with are the people who actually work with you. 
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How to use Tasker
Android in itself is already a powerful and flexible system. But, with apps like Tasker, Android gains new ways for manifesting its powers.

Tasker can be daunting for beginners, but the learning curve is worth having Tasker's power for. This video, hopefully, will help you take that first step and get started with Tasker.

To learn more read our full how to guide:
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